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SoilInfo is an App for mobile devices that allows accessing spatial predictions of soil properties and classes (SoilGrids layers) in a simple format i.e. as soil profile depth curve plots or tabular summaries. The main idea of SoilInfo is to provide access to standard soil properties directly on the field. The future releases of SoilInfo will focus on improving the accuracy and spatial detail of the existing soil and background maps and on adding functionality for entering new soil profile data.

SoilInfo App is one of the last components of the Global Soil Information Facilities (GSIF), which is developed at ISRIC as a framework and platform to support widespread, open collaboration in the assembly, collation and production of global soil information.

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Available data: soil organic carbon (g kg-1), soil pH (-), texture fractions (%), bulk density (kg m-3), cation-exchange capacity (cmol kg-1) of the fine earth fraction, coarse fragments (%), FAO World Reference Base soil groups, USDA Soil Taxonomy suborders, and similar.

SoilInfo for tablets (BETA)

SoilInfo Desktop

SoilInfo App is also available as a Desktop version. To optimize performance please use Google Chrome or Firefox browser. If you are interesting in downloading the SoilGrids layers, consider visiting the SoilGrids homepage instead. A development snapshot of the app can be accessed from here.

SoilInfo App for phones

SoilInfo App is available for Android (v.4.0 Ice Cream Sandwhich or higher) and for Apple smartphones (v.6.x and v.7.x iOS). This app might require your device's GPS to determine your precise location and loads about 1MB of data at start.

Planned functionality:


Next release (scheduled):  December 2015

For technical support with SoilInfo App or SoilGrids, please contact ISRIC — World Soil Information:

User interface design, programming, web/Android/iOS app realization: Aleksandar Blagotić and Milan Kilibarda (GILab D.O.O. Beograd-Palilula;